Dry with confidence.


Let Isadore be the eyes on your dryer.


Isadore can constantly monitor your seed dryers environmental conditions, saving you time, labor, worry, and money. View graphs and analyse data to improve your drying process. Set alarms to be notified by email or SMS to get ahead of problems. Process your seed in a more predictive and consistant manner. Isadore is here to give you access to your dryers status from anywhere in the world, at any time, and make your life easier.


Improve your harvest process

  • Make fill drying times more predictable
  • Better allocation of harvest personnel
  • Keep harvest moving forward.
    • The dryer is the seed-corn harvest bottleneck
    • Avoid costly time delays
  • Increase dryer capacity: move more seed corn through your bins
  • Keep shelled moisture content measurements nearer the desired range.