Fill Database/Reports

Searchable list of current and past fills

Fill view: current fill information for all bins

Fill information data entry screen


Protect Seed Quality

Protect against overheating using email, text message, and phone alarms which alert you to excessive inlet air temperatures.

Use Isadore's user-friendly data visualization tools to more accurately predict when drying is complete to reduce over- and under-dryer.

Use multiple sensors in a bin to check how even your corn is drying.

Reduce strain of managing your dryers

  • Eliminate burdensome trips back to the dryer with Isadore's web-based software
  • View dryer conditions
  • Evaluate drying progress
  • Manage burner settings
  • Reduce trips into the bins to take ear moisture samples.
  • Have confidence your machinery is running as expected while you are away from the bins.

Year-round techical support:

  • 24-hour technical support during harvest
  • Remote diagnostic tools

War room monitoring: we continously monitor your system during harvest

  • Our goal is to identify and correct system errors before the customer even notices.

Yearly service visits:

  • Visuallly inspect and replace any questionable hardware
  • Turn on system
  • Run reliability test
  • Address customer concerns or questions while on-site