All I can say is: this is awesome.  I no longer have to drive back to the farm to check on the bins or adjust temperatures; now I can do it from home.  We’ve learned to trust and rely heavily upon the Isadore sensor data.  In addition, Isadore has answered many questions we had about the operation of our dryers.  Isadore is the best money we’ve spent.
— Chris Shultz, Seed Corn Production Manager at Advanced Ag Resources, Inc., Wabash, IN
Isadore helped us at Beck’s Hybrids with making the process of monitoring our seed dryers more efficient, less labor intensive and improved our seed drying capacity.  One thing I liked was their outstanding customer service level and attention to details.  It was an awesome experience working with them!  I would gladly recommend Isadore to any Seed Production company looking to increase their efficiency, seed quality and have a pleasant user experience while doing it.
— Jide Lawal, Warehouse Space Manager & QA Coordinator at Beck’s Hybrids, El Paso, IL
Isadore has reduced the labor associated with operating our dryer.  I am now down to one trip inside the bin prior to shelling to verify moisture content.  We make heavy use of the fill database to track the seed through our dryer and to serve as a historical record.  The Isadore hardware and software has given us excellent performance for all four years.
— Brad Petersen, Production Manager at Petersen Seed Farm, Inc, Grand Island, NE